Friday, 9 November 2012

Weight, wheat & whatever!!

Ha ha ha!! How true were my first words?!?! Not only have a rarely updated I even forgot I had a blog page!!!
Guess it's time to revive the page & get it out there into the world!
So here's my latest missive:

Amazing!!! I seem to recall the embarrassing moment last January when I was finding myself having to put another hole in the shameful end of my belt.
This of course I dismissed with thoughts of typical Christmas excesses (yes I know of course you never do!!) coupled with my inability to exercise due to the hernia pains etc. However in the dark recesses of my mind the feeling I should be actively doing something to reduce my (modest) paunch! So in a fit of decisive action I ruled that no more cakes or biscuits should pass my lips (of course I didn’t say it out loud!!). I know all you sceptics out there will doubt me but I can in all honesty tell you I can count on one hand the number of occasions this year when I have had a cake or biscuit & then as if my hand was a mitten!!
That in itself I felt was just not doing the job so following Naomi’s discovery of some info about wheat causing excess weight/bulk retention as something akin to an allergy we both decided to become nominally wheat free (by nominally I mean we would reduce our intake to just below the point of obsession!!) and I can certainly say that it has made a difference. Not only do we feel better & a tad lighter for it but folk seem to be noticing too, which is a great comfort & encouragement to us both.
So here we are heading towards another Christmas, with perhaps less in the way of excess (but we’re not too sure on that score considering Naomi’s brother is also getting married 2 days later!!) and here I find myself constantly hitching up my pants & needing to take my belt in another notch but discovering there are none left so another hole goes in!!

Slow and steady it may have been but they do say that’s the best way, works for me at any rate!!!
Well let's hope I remember I have a blog page before too much longer!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The finished article

Well this weaving lark is a bit addictive, finished the piece at about 1.30 am ( a very tired puppy this morning.....).

So today has been taken up with removing it from the loom & sorting out a hanging arrangement. The piece is destined for a local exhibition in aid of Cancer Care ( take a look, perhaps you might get involved too......
Aiming for an earlier night tonight! Let's see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, 5 April 2010

40 something more..............

Well, yes, today was my birthday hence the "more" in the title. Had a quiet morning after a late evening having a go at a bit of weaving last night. Never done it before and I have to say I am encouraged by my first attempt:It started out intended to be a rectangular hanging but seems intent on becoming a tapering hanging, which may suit it's theme & purpose better, we'll see.
Later we went out for drive arriving at Brougham Hall (said Broom, apparently), where we had a good look round then went into a special place. Something I have always had a fancy for trying is pottery, at Crafty Monkeys Ceramics Studio ( I was able for a modest fee to partake in the art. Having looked into it a few times and watched the innevitable crafty shows on tv about it, I finally took to the wheel. My first attempt was I think quite a success, I made a small - ish mug. My second attempt was not quite so straight forward, I was aiming to make a breakfast style bowl but it seemed more intent upon becoming some mishaped heap of ruins. On my third assault by trying an alternative technique it worked out. Both items are now drying & should be fired later in the week which means I will just have to go back again (hard life, eh!) to decorate & glaze them, no complaits from the kids though since they got to paint some ready made pieces of their own. Eilidh chose a nice little tortoise whilst Ben went for a cute litle puppy, very nicely painted in original colours.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Beginning!!!

Hi everyone out there in blogland,

Since my wife has had herself a blog page ( for some time I decided it was time I had one too, so here it is. This will in all reality be one of those rarely updated blogs but you never know I may surprise even myself with this.
I am thinking along similar lines to my wife for this, that is as a vehicle for showing some of my crafty ideas & productions.

Well I best be off since I am late for the day but I hope to be back soon with some changes.

Bye for now,